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180 Degrees Consulting at the University of Michigan (180DC University of Michigan Branch)

Pro-Bono Consulting for Socially Conscious Organizations.

1931E Honor Society ('31E Honor Society)

The 1931E Honor Society was established to bring together past and present recipients of the Class of ‘31E Scholarship so that they can grow together in fellowship and appreciation of the opportunity they have been given.

390th Booster Club

We organize events for the students in Detachment 390.

58 Greene

The premier multicultural A Cappella group on campus.

812 Campus Ministry (812)

Students receive sound Biblical teaching on being a successful single, managing finances, etc. We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with conviction, challenging students to be a light to the world, living the victorious life God preordained them to live.

A2 Data Dive (A2D2)

A2D2 is a student organization promoting data literacy in the community. Our annual highlight brings together students, local non-profits, and community members to work with data sets in context. More information is available at

A2: Anaphylaxis Awareness (A2)

A2 works to promote awareness of anaphylaxis, the life-threatening bodily response that occurs when severely food allergic people ingest the food to which they are severely allergic. Knowledge about anaphylaxis could help a bystander to save a life.

Abeng Multicultural Council (Abeng)

Abeng Multicultural Council is an organization committed to creating a more inclusive community within East Quad through the promotion and planning of programs and events addressing social identities and multiculturalism.


Access is the student branch of Harvest Mission Community Church focused on transforming lives and transforming the world. No matter your religious background, we welcome you to experience God with us in our weekly LIFE Groups and Sunday Celebrations!

ACHA DIII Men’s Hockey (MCHC) at the University of Michigan (ACHADIII)

The Men's Club Hockey Wolverine Selects at the University of Michigan are a second club hockey team that works to be affordable and convenient for its members. The team will be a competitive entity.

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