Parent Organization: University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

The mission of the Pre-Medical club at the University Of Michigan is to maintain an outstanding and diverse student body that has a strong interest in the health sciences and a demonstrated commitment to service and continued learning.  By providing numerous medically related opportunities, our club takes pride in supporting every individual to reach his or her potential, and to become the leading physicians of tomorrow. 

The Pre-Med Club at the University of Michigan consists of active members and an executive board. One may attain active membership by completing the following requirements: (1) Attend 3 mass meetings, (2) Participate in 3 other events (volunteering, fundraising, etc.) and (3) participate in 1 social or club-wide activity. Active membership may also be achieved by participating in Alternative Spring Break, by joining the Mak-A-Dream committee, or by volunteering on a long-term basis in our Angell Elementary program. Active members also get special discounts from the Princeton Review on MCAT courses. If students wish, they also have the option to apply for executive board positions once active membership is achieved.

We offer the following opportunities for all members:

Angell Elementary Volunteering
University Of Michigan Hospital Volunteering
Ronald McDonald House Volunteering
Relay for Life
Alternative Spring Break (International & Domestic)
Mentorship from a University Of Michigan Medical Student
Mass Meetings with Special Guest Speakers
and many more! 

Once active membership is attained, students have the opportunity to shadow physicians at the University of Michigan Hospital in a variety of fields including:

Family Medicine
Orthopedic Surgery
Cardiothoracic Surgery
General Surgery

For more information please refer to our Canvas page and our website: pmcumich.org. To be added to our Canvas page or for specific questions, contact us at umpremedclub@umich.edu

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