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We are a group of student and community leaders that are working to plan the Michigan Climate March on December 12th, 2015 to join the rest of the world on this day to demand action from our political leaders on tackling climate change.

180 Degrees Consulting at the University of Michigan (180DC University of Michigan Branch)

Pro-Bono Consulting for Socially Conscious Organizations.

1931E Honor Society ('31E Honor Society)

The 1931E Honor Society was established to bring together past and present recipients of the Class of ‘31E Scholarship so that they can grow together in fellowship and appreciation of the opportunity they have been given.

390th Booster Club

We organize events for the students in Detachment 390.

4 Paws for Ability at the University of Michigan (4PA-UM, 4 Paws)

We are a local chapter of 4 Paws for Ability, a non-profit based in Xenia, Ohio that provides service dogs to disabled children and veterans.

58 Greene

The premier multicultural A Cappella group on campus.

8 Ball Cinema

8 Ball Cinema is responsible for creating a comedy television show. From writing and acting to directing, music, and editing, the production is completely in house. The club will operate like a independent film studio.

A2 Code Blue Jump Rope Club (A2 Code Blue)

A jump rope club that is led by former and current competitive jump rope athletes to promote fitness and the sport of jump rope. Anyone is welcome to join regardless of previous experience.

A2: Anaphylaxis Awareness (A2)

A2 works to promote awareness of anaphylaxis, the life-threatening bodily response that occurs when severely food allergic people ingest the food to which they are severely allergic. Knowledge about anaphylaxis could help a bystander to save a life.

A2Share at the University of Michigan (A2Share)

A2Share provides a forum for students to learn about and actively participate in the local sharing economy. Sharing economies can help us save money, conserve resources, and build community. Together we can create a better future through sharing.

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