Ginsberg Center: Community Engagement Grant

Ginsberg Center Community Engagement Grant Application

The Ginsberg Center provides multiple forms of financial resources for student groups and organizations to engage in positive change through social justice education, leadership development, and meaningful service experiences with community. The Community Engagement Grant program allows us to deepen our partnerships with student organizations and support community-based initiatives. Community Engagement Grants are offered on a rolling basis until funds are depleted.

Be sure to read about our guidelines, requirements, and deadlines to ensure the eligibility of your initiative before submitting your proposal. Next steps will be released 10-14 days after the application deadline. Please contact our team at with any questions; we would be happy to speak with you about your initiative before submitting your application.  

What type of initiative are you planning?
Would you like to be considered for funding from the Delta Delta Delta Community Project Grant? This grant funding prioritizes fraternities and sororities planning community-engaged projects.
Project Overview and Goals
Select (all) the Pathway(s) that apply to the project/initiative your seeking funding for.
Project Timeline and Budget
Community Engagement Grant Budget

Use this link to acess the Ginsberg Center: Community Engagement Grant Budget Template. To access you must use a email address. Make a copy of the document so you are able to edit it, and add your unique name to the title. Use the template to fill out itemized expenditures for your proposed initiative. The spreadsheet will calculate the total budget, please do not edit formulas. Instructions for each column are listed below:

Budget Item: What items or resources will you need funding for? List each item individually.

Amount: How much will the item cost?

Description/Calculation: How did you come up with that number? Please include reasoning on how you came up with the amount requested and include links/references if necessary.

Upload completed document below.